Resolved Question: Why is marijuana a schedule I drug while cocaine is schedule II?

Schedule 1 being the highest schedule of drug, why would marijuana be in the worst category and cocaine be below that (schedule II)? Cocaine is physically addictive and very dangerous to the human body. While one Marijuana joint causes about as much harm to the user as two cigarettes does, and it’s impossible to OD on thc (tetrahydrocannabinol). Is it fair that a marijuana user should be penalized more harshly that an actual hard drug user? The DEA classifies a schedule 1 drug as a drug that creates a high dependency and has no current use in modern medicine. Marijuana is directly used today as a medicine (hence the term “Medical Marijuana”). This is not something that is derived from Marijuana but the unprocessed drug in it’s most basic form where there is chance no physical addiction. Cocaine on the other hand is highly physically addictive and the substance has no direct medical purpose (granted it’s derivatives do {ie. novacain}) but the direct substance isn’t used in medicine. First, Marijuana shouldn’t be illegal and furthermore it shouldn’t be classified in the highest Scheduling of drug, this hypocrisy should be met with the resounding cry “leaglize it!”

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