Resolved Question: Why is alcohol, and alcoholism, more acceptable than other drugs or addictions?

Okay, I am an American, as many of you are, and I realize in other cultures it is different. But here in the Western world it seems that alcohol is far more acceptable than any other drugs … just look at the laws.

I have seen more damaging effects or equally damaging effects, of alcohol, than for example, marijuana or other drugs. It is strong and debilitating. How did the culture develop such a strong understanding for alcohol and such a resentment for other drugs? The effects of alcohol are just as damaging, if not worse, in my opinion than other drugs such as marijuana. Any substance abuse is bad, but why is it when we hear of a cocaine addict or a pot head that we immediately experience some sort of horror while your Uncle Tom can be an alcoholic without a job, living in bars and on people’s couches, and his behavior is some how more acceptable than the coke head or pot head who has a steady job and a home? I know alcoholism is taken seriously, I’m not saying that it isn’t. But the reaction of people hearing of a man or woman in a rehab program is more intense than their reaction to a man or woman in an alcoholism anonymous class.

I’m not condoning drug use, and I’m not supporting prohibition, I’m just curious as to what happened along the road to come to that end? Another thing is, these days, it seems cigarettes are considered horrible and disgusting, but drinking yourself into a coma at a bar, where you can’t smoke, is totally fine.

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