Resolved Question: Why do people descriminate against smokers?

Don’t get me wrong, I know smoking is unhealthy, many people do not like the smell, and it can make a mess. However, as a smoker, it really bothers me how ignorant so many people are. I’ve had people shoot rather piercing glares at me just for smoking in a parking garage. Maybe I should scream bloody murder everytime someone in the parking garage decides to start up their car, because that also pollutes the air with chemicals that are bad for both the environment and health.

Here’s my take on smoking, as a smoker: yea, I wish I never started. It is expensive, nasty and unhealthy – however it seems to me that people really are dumb. It used to be people smoked because of marketing/advertising, ignorance (who would think inhaling the fumes from a burning substance might be unhealthy), and of course peer pressure. Today people practically go on crusades against smokers for the VERY SAME REASONS! In both cases people really AREN’T thinking for themselves. I find that really pathetic.

I don’t smoke in close proximity to non-smokers. I don’t smoke near open windows, entrances or exits. I even pack out my cigarette butts when I’m backpacking or camping. I know I should quit and I’ve tried before. But, as I have already said, all that aside… stop being so damned stupid, people.

Another tid bit I always found amusing. My mother was an RN for several decades. One of her nursing magazines ran an article about the addiction of tobacco. According to the article, nicotine is more addictive than cocaine.

Now at the same time alcohol is legal. Foods with ludricrous amounts of salt, sugar, preservatives and tons of other goodies are legal. Cigarettes are legal. Sitting out in the sun all day is legal. Not exercising is legal. In fact outside of suicide, I am no aware of any laws or regulations of any kind which require people NOT to live unhealthy lifestyles. This is a tangent of course. All of this is true, and yet marijuana is illegal. My point on this last little rant is simple.. STOP BEING STUPID PEOPLE! Stop. Think. Act. Don’t listen to propaganda. Get facts as best you can and weigh them. Then decide what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, etc.

Some people read books, have sex, use drugs, drink alcohol (also a druig by the way, so is caffeine and nicotine for that matter) as a form of escape. Video games, movies, television, theater.. these things CAN all be a form of ESCAPE. One might argue that escaping reality probably isn’t healthy behavior. So – shall we start making everything illegal? Villainize pretty much everything that is “bad”, unhealthy or otherwise taboo or undesirable?

One of my favorite books is The Wizards First Rule. I like the story and the series for that matter, but the reason I bring it up here is the title of the book. Do you know what the wizards first rule is?

Page six hundred and something tells you. Want to know what it is?

“People are stupid.”

Instant classic as far as I’m concerned.

I’m really not looking for an answer so much as I am making statements.

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