Resolved Question: Why do most people always consider drugs like acid & shrooms to be worse than drugs like meth & coke?

Psychedelic drug- A drug thats main purpose is to ENHANCE or amplify the thought processes of the brain.
“A psychedelic drug is one which, without causing physical addiction, craving, major physiological disturbances, delirium, disorientation, or amnesia, more or less reliably produces thought, mood, and perceptual changes otherwise rarely experienced except in dreams, contemplative and religious exaltation, flashes of vivid involuntary memory and acute psychoses”.
Ex: Acid, Shrooms, Peyote, MDMA (not the same as E), Salvia, DMT, Cannabis(considered a mild hallucinogen), etc…
Narcotic- A drug that DIMINISHES the awareness of sensory impulses, especially pain, by the brain.
An addictive drug, such as opium, that reduces pain, alters mood and behavior, and usually induces sleep or stupor.
Ex: Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine/Crack, Oxycodone, Opium etc…

How are those the same?…Let alone the former being WORSE that the latter???

Wtf. I don’t get it.
Don’t get me wrong, maybe i need to get further educated about the ‘scientific’ effects of these drugs & whatnot (because for now my expertise is weed :P) BUT what i do know is that you will never see an ‘acid-head’ & a ‘meth-head’ & even CONSIDER those two comparable.

In my personal opinion & experience…. & from what i have learned/seen in my short little life, i would never try a narcotic drug. I never have & i never plan on it.
Yet a lot of people have taken every pill in existence & put hella shiit up their noses or whatever but when you mention something like acid they oooh & aww & say that it’s soo bad & crazy & they would never do it. lol

What’s your opinion?
Basically long story short i think psychedelic drugs can actually be beneficial…they can potentially even teach you something.
Addictive drugs such as narcotics, & that shiit people inhale, & nitrous, etc have no benefit whatsoever & their purpose if just to make to feel fuzzy & numb…& to eliminate pain. (emotional or physical)
I understand completely if you need to use such drugs medically, but i’m talking soley from a Recreational standpoint ya digg? lol
Peace out homies.
CLM: I agree with your statement except for this part “(yes you do crazy things on meth and coke too, but more people do coke and meth REGULARLY than acid and shrooms)”
I think people may “feel” more “crazy things” are happening when using halluc. subtances like acid & shrooms, but DO more crazy shiit when they’re using something like meth. I know this from “seeing” it in the past. (My freshman year of high school, one of our classmates killed his mother while comming off of meth. He was a meth addict… & i have seen some people do crazy shiit & go to jail because of meth)
& also, you pointed out that they use meth/coke more regularly than acid & shrooms…which was exactly my point, because those things often cause serious addiction.

Thank you both for you insight.
*Actually…idk if meth is technically a narcotic. But my point is still the same. lol. Narcotics+meth. hehe…w/e*
LOL @ Adrienne…ahaaha
…or “Legally insane”
Thank you guys for correcting me, stimulants is the other one i was lookin’ at. lol 😛

& to my contacts…
Can i mention how much i love you guys? ? … lol.
Honestly tho, you guys are awesome.

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