Resolved Question: Why do leftists and liberals argue that drug addiction and prostitution are caused by poverty and/or injustice?

Consider that most prostitutes and escort services make a lot more money than someone working at a dollar store for $9 an hour. If it were poverty, why aren’t they waitressing, going to school, getting welfare and EI, etc? Why would poverty motivate them? Could it be that the lure of wealth and materialism has lured them?

Also, many addicts are rich, that is how they afford the cocaine, heroin and champagne that most working-class people haven’t used or drunk and can’t afford. Most of the working-class people I know cannot afford pot, let alone expensive drugs. And many of them do not drink or use drugs. I fail to see the connection between poverty and drugs. Seems to me that poverty is more a deterrent because you can’t afford it in the first place. Considering that 59 percent of crack users are also dealers, maybe they just prefer their addiction to work and refuse to take up legitimate employment, after all, they make more money dealing.

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