Resolved Question: WHo to walk me down the aisle?

I am getting married next year to my amazing fiance. I am totally stressing out though. My dad and I had a great relationship, like best friends. Til when I was 12, my dad began a very severe addiction to cocaine, before this, we had gone to church every sunday, and everything was great. I was put into a deep depression and put my self into the hospital atleast four times on suicide watch. When I was 14, I met my now fiance, and I guess I just had to move on and keep my chin high. I continued to talk to my dad, every once in a while, on his birthdays, fathers day, when he was at my sisters house and I was also there. Last month, my dad was put into the hospital, and none of us were sure if he was going to even live. Fortunately, he did, and he is home now. He promised us, he would never touch another drug again. He says he has been clean the whole time he has been home, which is about four weeks now. I want to believe him, but it is hard. Either way, we have began talking a lot more now, and our relation ship is stronger, not like it was before, but at least we have one now. My problem is, I have a step dad, which I have had since I was around 5. He has been so great to my family and my self. During the tough times with my own dad, he filled in perfectly, and was the father figure I needed. I am getting married in August of next year, and I am really stressing about who is going to walk me down the aisle. I would love for both of them too, but yea. I do not want to hurt any feelings, and I am heart broken about the whole ordeal. I know you guys can not make my decision, but I was just curious if any of you had a similar situation and can give me advice? Thanks and God bless.

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