Resolved Question: Whats wrong with me….if anything?

heres the sob story .

when i was born my dad left me my mum an sister…My earliest memories are of my mum trying to O.D on paracetemol and my sister saving her.

my mum then married an alcoholic who beat me and her a few times a year…(me maybe only a 4-5 times)

i found him dead at 13.he had been there a few days….i didnt cry….i infact went football training that night.

i developed a recrinational drug addiction to cocaine at the age of 15-17

i drank heavy and had regular fights throughout…

I can hardly look at my mum in the face….or (my sister who i love dearly)…..we all just sweep it under the mat..but since bin off drugs… hurtts. alot

I have trust issues with women ….i refuse to commit..but hae slept with more women than my are…Im 19…i now live on my own….in my group of friends im seen as the one who leads the way….starts fights of gets with girls….they look up to me sort of…deep down im terrified….of myself…my thoughts and capabilities

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