Resolved Question: What would you do to the person supplying your teenage family member with drugs?

I have a cousin, a very close cousin who I care about so much and would go to the end of the universe for.

Her crack mother left her and her 3 siblings 9 years ago to persue her drug habbits. My cousin, 17 now has been battling her own drug addiction to cocain since she was 14.
She has a very addictive personality and is often persuaded to do things she doesn’t want to do, hence her original addiction at such a young age which was brought on by her boyfriend originally forcing her to use.
She got pregnant, lost the baby, got pregnant again and vowed not to use drugs and fix up her life. (The misscarriage tramatized her a bit) So she was doing so well, came to live with me got off the cocaine, ate healthy, didn’t drink at all. But as soon as the baby was born a girl showed up that ruined EVERYTHING we worked so hard for.

I found out recently that she introduced my cousin to heroin a few weeks ago, my cousin even told me she didn’t really want to do it but the girl kept insisting and insisting and because my cousin is a people pleasing drug addict of opportunity (which this girl was well aware of before offering the drugs because she USED TO BE a family friend). And keeps comming over to my cousins new home all doped up with more “bags of fun” and even when told to keep it away by my cousin she still brings it around….now 1-4 times a week.

Im on the verge of killing this girl, shes turning my sweet cousin who finally got her life together back into a drug fiend and I can’t handle it.
btw this girl has been arrested 3-4 times in the past 2 months for possession and the police keep letting her go, or she makes bail
I KNOW my cousin needs help, I don’t claim that she is blameless….I claim that she is a sick impressionable young girl she knows she needs help as well… first order of helping her sort out her life is getting the scum away from her that is enabling her to obtain the drugs and pushing her to use them. As a recoverd drug addict myself I know how it feels to not want to use and have people wave it in your face drugs remove your judgment and willpower.

Thats like handing a new pack of unfiltered ciggarettes to someone with lung cancer and saying, Have a happy death!

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