Resolved Question: What should i do about my girlfriend’s pregnancy?

I’m 17 and my girlfriend Brooke has been using drugs during her pregnancy. She has a very serious drug addiction one that landed her in jail for a year on drug possession charges. She swore she would harm our baby with drugs. However she told me she was using marijuana cocaine and heroin to help her clam down. She told me she doesn’t feel attractive anymore. She is only a month pregnant. She was in rehab but i trusted her when she said she wouldn’t use again so i let her leave. I suggested going back and she refused she said the people there are too judgmental. She told me she loves drugs and she loves the baby so she has to use to get the baby to feel as good as she does when she is high. I’m at the end of my rope with her drug use i love her immensely but I’m so sick and tired of her drug issues and i want our baby to be healthy and have a happy live. I’m afraid if i take full custody she would overdose and die. She has already ruled out an abortion and adoption indefinitely. What should i do to save my unborn baby?

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