Resolved Question: What Is The Truth About All Drugs.?

My Grandfather told me when i was going into my freshman year in high school that if i would start using drugs it will ruin my life since kids can get their hands on drugs now at that time.But yet people on yahoo answers tell me drugs are okay they tell me they live normal successful lives without problems and they are not bad especially weed.I watch this show intervention and they show what happens to people who did drugs they become true drug addicts who are addicted to methamphetamine,heroin,painkillers,alcohol,crack and cocaine and even seen inhalants on there before. But when these druggies on yahoo answers tell me drugs are okay it shakes my beliefs allot. Police cops also told me they is not 1 person he has ever met that has said drugs were the best decision they have ever made. So Should I believe everything a druggie tells me on here or are they lieing or should i trust me grandfather,teachers,parents and cops about drugs and listen to them saying drugs will ruin your life instead of the druggies and if drugs do ruin your lfie how do they is all about addiction,going to jail or more than that.

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