Resolved Question: What is the point? (best rant ever)?

You get in a relationship with a hot girl, and you want to f**k another hot girl. You spend $75 on cocaine in an attempt to feel better, yet all you do is say “this shlt is overrated” WHILE you still have half of it left. Do you just pour it out? Hell no, you DO that shlt. It turns out its not as overrated as you thought when it’s 7:15 AM and you’re out.

What about alcohol. alcohol is fun. is makes stupid people have sex. if mixed with benzo’s it makes you even drunker and tired. You would love to eat a few (less than 4) percocets but you know theyre hard to find so you say f**k trying to search for them. Lastly, you know heroin is only for idiots because everyone has seen requiem for a dream and that is the worst movie ever,

So what do you do? Well, i went to a shrink. What did he do? he gives me anti anxiety meds. Klonopins to be exact. Just perfect that i have these coming off my $75 all night coke binge. Throw in a few svedka/sprites and i’ll be back up in no time. Then the headache sets in. And the work doesnt get done.

So what’s the answer? Moderation? Easier said than done, padrino. What would YOU suggest i do now (and i must state that 90% of the answers on here are absolute garbage, so i am not hoping for anything worthwhile)

I could go get help for my “addictions”, but then what would i be? A schmuck who is totally making more rich the for profit substance recovery industry. Then a relapse. Whats the point. Girls cheat, guys cheat, words are just words, and we’re all a bunch of animals on a f**king free for all.

Good day,
THAT’S IT? that’s all i get when facing this REAL life situation. a comparison to a hunter s thompson novel which you undoubtedly misunderstood. the world is full of idiots….this i know is for sure.

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