Resolved Question: What is the name of this song?!?! I’ve been looking for weeks..?

I watched a video about cocaine addiction and how it can kill you. The movie basically had a singer from Aerosmith talking about his addiction, a mother and her son, and a model. There was another girl, singer (black hair, red lips, said “I would be the last person you’d think would be a junkie”)
So there is a song she writes playing in the background of her being introduced. The narrators say that it is about her experience with drugs and why people should quit. They described it as a “haunting song written by a former cocaine addict who asked us to call her Chloe”.

Please help. My school just started an anti-drug education program starting with me and my friends. We have to educate kids on the dangers of drugs, and one of our classes specifically requested this song. Thanks.

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