Resolved Question: What is it with this preconception that Pink Floyd did tons of drugs?

Sure, Syd Barrett did a lot of acid and Rick Wright had a horrible cocaine addiction, but the other ones were terrified of drugs. I’ve never looked at their music as ‘psychedelic’…call me crazy, but I think it’s just a pre-determined prejudice from everyone that’s heard nothing beyond “Comfortably Numb” that Floyd were all junkies.

I guess all the kids just think all groups from the ’70s were hopelessly addicted to drugs. But hey, what do I care what the unwashed masses think?

BQ: Favorite Pink Floyd song?
BQ2: I don’t know, ask me something.
Echoes and Sysphus are my favorites.
I’m okay. I was sick last night, though…blech.
Actually, yes, I did yesterday.

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