Resolved Question: What draws the line between recreational drug use and addiction?

I’m no stranger to recreational use of drugs, I have tried many myself at one point or another and am surrounded by people who smoke pot every day for the most part and experiment with other drugs when they come around. One of my close friends starting using cocaine recreationally, once every few days because it has been around more often. This one friend in particular has gone probably 3 days the entire month without doing it, I assume he is doing half of a gram a day maximum and claims that it’s not a problem. He can afford it and does not act reckless but seems to enjoy it 90 percent of the time and regret it 10 percent of the time, he also claims that it is just a temporary phase and if it starting to affect his life negatively, he would stop. It doesn’t seem to be taking a toll on his life and seems like someone who can handle it as long as it eventually ends. He tells me that it will end soon, but the frequency of his use has only slightly decreased since he admit that he may enjoy it a bit too much. Should I be worried? More importantly, as a close friend, what actions should I take to stop this from becoming a problem?

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