Resolved Question: What does snorting a mixture of cocaine & painkillers do?

My mom is a drug addict. she started off with anti-depressants, eventually worked her way to up to painkillers, and now is snorting painkillers mixed with cocaine.

Shes been to detox and she knows her entire family knows and she still does it. I know drug addiction is a disease so i really don’t need any information like that. I’m not looking for any sympathy for my family or for my mom as i already have enough. I’m also not looking for any advice as we have tried everything all the professionals have told us to do with no suckles at all… and she even got worse after the professionals.

QUESTION – Im just curious if anyone has experience with this type of thing? What does it do? can it kill you? Shes always sniffing and stuff… anyhow, i would appreciate anyone giving any information about sniffing cocaine and painkillers. Thank you.

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