Resolved Question: what do you think of the drugs czar been sacked?

he through Scientific nohow rightly said alcohol is alot
worse for you than cannabis more addictive and such alot of people seem to think so called legal drugs are better than illegal drugs such as HEROIN CRACK COCAINE SPEED and SO ON i have used every drug was a heroin and crack addict for 15 years i am clean at this moment have been for 7 mths but i also became addicted to alcohol and i will tell you this it was far far worse of an addiction than heroin or crack took longer to give in to took me to hell and back and to the brink of death you can not die from opiate withdrawal but you can from alcohol where is the Sense in this what do you think? do the government care as long as the tax is there if this is the case take the power from drug dealers and make drugs legal tax them and then the money can go into Research also it would keep all the crap out of drugs that by the way is mostly the reason people die from drugs it is the crap they are cut with not the drugs as i said .
sorry they got rid of him cos he said cannibis is not as bad as alcohol and they should ease up on people who smoke or posses it and concentrate on alcohol…
i went into tratment for heroin first then yes i did end up traiding one addiction for another as alot of addicts do but through hard work got myself clean from everything why you ask ?

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