Resolved Question: What came first, drugs or drug addicts?

The dealers were luring children with cocaine since the 80’s when no one knew of the emerging threat, now we have methamphetamine called the devil’s drug… even more addictive and dangerous, the worst for child abuse. Cocaine addicts are very easily switched/lured to more powerful meth by dealers, and brain structure is changed, the brain works differently due to severe damage to reward system and thinking cells. They do not get high after awhile but must keep using to feel slightly normal, they feel a depression we cannot imagine, and when they don’t use worse. Addiction is not due to lack of will power.

Mexican and American government should put the blame where it belongs on dealers and maybe the governments themselves? Why ‘STILLl’ won’t America keep drugs OUT of tightly run jails as they do in airports and courts with a dog and scanner at entrance? They let inmates walk around on drugs and even in front of judges with not a word, no consequence! The jails say drugs are commonplace and come in by employees and volunteers, sometimes inmates… HELLO?! What is going on here?! You don’t want to hate your government and why would they do this??

Congress is informed yearly by NIDA on latest scientific progress for real medical treatment for drug addictions. All of medical field is taught that drug addiction is a biochemical brain disease and mental illness, proven by P.E. T. New treatments to stop drug addiction such as GVG must be mandatory and not optional, methamphetamine causes meth psychosis to some extent in all users and they avoid pills, extreme fear and bizzare behaviors and 24-7 anger even when they may laugh in public, it’s negative extreme emotion underneath. Addicts and families are still desperate for help from their lives of hell.


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