Resolved Question: Unsafe work environment?

Lets say that you work for a business that has two owners who are married but separated. One of the owners happens to be addicted to crack cocaine and other unmentionables. The junkie owner comes into the store and takes money out of the cash register on a sporadic but constant basis. Everyone in the store knows about the owners addiction. The owner takes money ranging from about twenty dollars to a few hundred dollars. Sometimes all of the money is taken from the cash register. The owner who is not addicted to drugs is never there when money is taken but knows what is going on and asks for the employees to take all of the money out of the cash register and stick it into our pockets. Keep in mind that there are video cameras that work but are not set to record for whatever reason. The drug addicted owner sometimes returns only returning some of the money. At the end of the night the register is short money and the crackhead tries to blame the missing money on an employee. The crackhead owner has row signed over their half of the store to their spouse. Now the spouse is suing a former employee for stealing thousands of dollars. Would this place be considered an unsafe working environment?

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