Resolved Question: Unbelievable friend!! What to do?! Faking Pregnancy.?

I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago. I am now a little over 6 weeks along. I told my “best friend” and then she was like, oh I think I am too! I have a fiance, a house, we both have steady jobs and own two vehicles. She has no job, a “boyfriend” that may be the father cause she sleeps around, he also has a cocaine addiction, she lives with her mother and all she does is drinks and parties. Everyone says she is not pregnant that she is just doing this for attention because I’m pregnant and people are happy for me. I don’t think she is either but I am going along with her. She hasn’t told anyone because they “want to wait until 3 months”. Everytime I mention my pregnancy or symptoms I am having she totally ignores what I say and then makes it all about her “pregnancy”. She is so full of shit. I want to call her out on it but she will just get all weird n flip out. She says she doesn’t want anyone to know either because nobody will support her like they are me, like what is she trying to do make me feel bad because I have a good life? WTF. I am so frustrated. I can almost bet any money that when her “3 month” mark comes around she will say she “lost the baby”. I know it. WHY is she doing this? It’s not like I am even getting much attention because we don’t even have the same friends really. I’m so mad I stopped talking to her altogether and want nothing to do with her. She is such a fake horrible friend. OH and the best part, there was photos of her with liquor in her hand the other day and when I asked her about it she said, “oh I was pretending to drink because I didn’t want people to ask me why I wasn’t, so what I would do was pretend to take a sip then when I went to the washroom I would pour out some liquor” like BS! I’m so mad. Help! What to do? Just forget her? That’s what I am thinking!

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