Resolved Question: The media desparately wants “new” Kennedys to carry the socialist flag, who is worthy?

Teddy’s and Robert’s children are all rehab screw-ups, none of them have ever earned their own way in life, just live off of the “blood money” from their Irish gangster grandfather.

Now, the media, wants to re-write history, make the next generation of Kennedys into the “second coming”. So who is worthy of being anointed, the crown prince of socialism?

1) William Kennedy Smith- is raping a woman and then hiring the nation’s biggest law firm to disparage the victim, just a little bump in the road?

2) Caroline Kennedy- um, er, ah, well, err, umm , you-know, err, you-know, um, ul, err…. can’t lie from teleprompters, like the messiah? Is she the one?

3) Patrick Kennedy- his past cocaine addiction, binge drinking, 2006 DUI, recent treatment for oxycontin, does that make him worthy?

4) Michael Skakel- so he murdered a 15 year old girl, beat her to death with a golf club; for a Kennedy, that’s no big deal, Skakel evaded justice for over 20 years, the kennedy family used every dirty trick to keep Skakel from being punished for murdering an innocent girl. In 2013, Skakel could be released after only serving a partial sentence & could run for senator of Mass after he’s free.

So, which dirt-ball Kennedy will be worshiped by the media, run for office and carry the socialist flag for the liberal nation, who do you prefer?

PS Lets remember Nov 25th, Ted Kennedy will have gone 90 days without a drink on that day!
Randa- you disgust anyone who works hard and earns their own way in life. go F yourself!
John- is that your pic? the only cretin who would do you is Randa, your equivalent in socialist toads that is when you are not lurking in men’s rooms, being a good democrat for your fellow pervs. .

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