Resolved Question: So, I would feel better if he moved on already.?

My ex removed me as a friend from Facebook over two weeks ago, and I saw that he was invited to a party I’m going to on the 11th. So god knows why, but I clicked on his profile. Dun dun dun.

I saw this quote under his profile picture. Does it mean he has moved on and is madly in love with another girl? I don’t even know why I care. Maybe I just want more of a push off the edge for ME to move on!

“She’s like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and vicodin; she’s my addiction, she’s my addiction” -DOPE

He must have met some chick while out on the town and messed with her or taken her on a date and…ugh…it’s kind of annoying to think about. Oh well. I just want to know already. I just wish I could see him at this party and feel like his acquaintance or at least more welcomed than dropped off the face of the earth.

I had to send him our formal prom picture in the mail earlier this week. I doubt that made things any better, but when we were together two weeks ago, I told him I wanted him to have a copy (it wasn’t just MY prom, after all).

So I am sure I have disgusted him and he is madly in love with anyone but me. I want to be on good terms with him, though, and I think it is so stupid that he deleted me from Facebook when I broke up with him. And I bet he is going to that party. What will I do? We have almost all the same friends and I want to get along with him like I do with all of my other casual acquaintances, like it’s no big deal, you know? Ugh…so many stupid things to think about.

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