Resolved Question: Since Illegal drugs are the 2nd biggest business on earth?

following arms and weapon sales. Shouldn’t our “representatives” be proposing the legalization of all drugs, and the tax, regulation, sale of all natural plants just like alcohol… for instance you could go to the weed store and buy pot and magic mushrooms. Soft drugs which are less harmful than alcohol if you go do your homework.

For the hard drugs like cocaine and heroin I believe addiction should be treated as a medical condition instead of criminal condition and that addicts should be able to receive a sufficient supply from their doctors and also have real drug treatment availible for these people if they so desire.

Not only would the legalization of drugs be the humane and honest thing to do, it would also take the profits out of the hands of violent criminals, and open totally new avenues of business. The current policies do more harm than good and fund corruption and violent organized crime.

If you really want to “save” the country, and get the nation back on a sound fiscal economic course this is better than anything these politicians who merely support the status quo with their failed policies.

Freedom and Enlightenment for all.
What do you propose Jessica? More of the same old failed stone age policies?
Fact is the economy could be vibrant and strong, but your politicians make too much money off illegal drugs and organized crime. Not only that your failed policies have done nothing at all to decrease drug use or the supply of drugs to those that want them. Your policies fund gangs, organized crime, and corrupt politicians.
Killer Queen, you’d have to eat like 640lbs of what’s commonly known as the magic mushroom to reach a toxic level. Go do your homework before you make idiotic statements… true certain kinds of mushrooms can kill you outright, but that’s not what they want.
You can not agree with it all you want, but I’ve yet to see anyone come up with a logical rational alternative, or show that the current policies are working. We’ve tried your way, and Prohibition doesn’t work. It didn’t work in the 1920’s and it doesn’t work in 2008.
I also support legalized and regulated prostitution. It has nothing to do with me wanting a prostitute. I also assure you I’m not on drugs nor addicted to anything, but I’m no choir boy I’ll admit that.
FugQ2, I know all kinds of people in all levels of society who have or do smoke marijuana. Even Obama admits to inhaling frequently and even though I don’t agree with the politics of either party he’s obviously a very driven person.
Weird Wendell, the taxation of legal drugs would more than fund treatment for hard drug users, and it wouldn’t cost much to prescribe them their junk if that’s all they wanted.

I agree with you on about people that would kill themselves on drugs, it’s not like we don’t already have enough stupid people in the country. If that’s their goal, let them do it. If you like drug gangs, political and police corruption, and paying $30k+ a year on average to lock people up for smoking a plant, then you need to start funding your own insane policies.

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