Resolved Question: Should we break up although i love her?

I’m 17 and I’m considering breaking up with my girlfriend Brooke. She is a drug addict and I’m sick of her drug use and lying about getting clean. She got pregnant and i was so excited and happy. She was in rehab and i got her out of rehab after she promised to never harm our baby with drugs. She later told me she had been using marijuana cocaine and heroin to calm down. She also told me how she felt unattractive. I told her she had to change for the baby and to quit using drugs and to stop lying to me. She promised she would and went back into to rehab. Yesterday she got an abortion without telling me. We had been arguing about an abortion she wanted one because she was afraid about no being a good mother because of the drugs. While i wanted her to keep the baby and to keeping rehabbing her addiction. She told me the baby was already damage and she made the right decision. I love her so much but I’m tried of the drugs and i am mad about the abortion and saddened by the loss of our baby. Should we break up or not?

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