Resolved Question: should i go to the hospital? i need reassurance?

I suffer from GAD and slight OCD, um i feel like i’m about to have a break down…i haven’t been on my medication in over a month (lorazepam) and i started cymbalta today..which i hate, i’ve tried so many anti-depressants and none have ever worked. Anyways i really feel as if i am about to break down, my anxiety is just way too intense, possibly the most intense it has ever been.
I’m a 19 year old female, going to university, working, doing a placement, and doing homework. I take care of my brother and grandma because my mom works too much, and my dad is dying in the hospital…we are about to loose our house because we cannot afford our mortgage which means i have to move out…although i pay rent already. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years because he cheated on me, and insisted to tell me details. Anyways i went through a daily addiction on cocaine and ecstasy and have been clean a year, but i still drink regularly as in 4 times a week on average..except for the past month..maybe twice a week on average. But i know that this adds to my anxiety….i actually cannot even begin to describe how intense my anxiety is i literally feel as if i’m going to pass out, i can’t control it…is this enough reason to go to the hospital..because there is no walk-in clinics near me and i wont be able to get a doctors appointment for weeks…please help

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