Resolved Question: Should I give him a another chance?

I have been with my boyfriend for about a year. . He moved down here to get away from his past,he used to do cocaine. Unfortunately he slipped up and did it again a couple of times. Now he is in jail because of his addiction. He went to a drug rehab and had to finish his sentence in jail. He gets out very soon and we both want to work things out. It s just that he is so afraid that I am going to cheat on him because the last relationship he had he caught her cheating on him, and they were engaged. I never been arrested but I do know that it is hard to be in there while the person that you love is continuing life without you. He is terrified of losing me but he would call me horrible names and will call right back and try to apologize. when I ask him why he does that he said that’s how his mom treated him and he knows no other way.He says he hates being so angry but he has an inner hate for his mom. I know that he would give anything for me though.What do I do?

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