Resolved Question: Should i believe her?

I’m 17 and my girlfriend Brooke is pregnant with our child. She is currently in jail after i called the cops on her right before she was about to shoot up heroin. She has a strong drug addiction and told me the baby would change her and she would never harm our baby with drugs. She then told me she had been using marijuana cocaine and heroin to clam down. She told me she felt unattractive she is only a month pregnant. She swore the baby is mine and she never cheated on me nor would she ever. I’ve become suspicious when i found romantic texts on her cell from some guy name Kyle. I questioned her about it and she told me he was a dealer who has a thing for her but she never touched him she loves me too much. I love her with all my heart but I’m so fed up with her drug use I’m at the end of my rope i want her to change and get clean if she cheated on me that is the last straw we are done! Should i believe the baby is mine?
no i wasn’t on drugs when i was with her nor am i now

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