Resolved Question: R&S: Seriously, how does one work for a born-again ex-addict GED holder who hates you?

Honestly, I really need advice here!

The boss inherited a business from her mom, and was previously a high school drop out, and spent months in rehab for her cocaine addiction. As of 2 years ago, I personally saw her bring hand-rolled marijuana joints to the office in her cigarette case.

She also has a very limited grasp of business math. She actually quoted a client a rate that ensured we’d LOSE money on every unit we sell, and reassured everyone in the office who voiced concern that we’d “make up for it in volume.” It took a $65 an hour consultant to convince her that she was losing money no matter how many units she sold at a loss.

Now she’s laying people off, and making up for the lack of staff by assigning me a new job duty every day, while at the same time reducing my weekly hours.

Now she’s playing Christian music throughout the office, and telling us all that we’d be “as productive as her” if we got “into the spirit of Jesus.”

Now I’m told that I can no longer call the computer technician if we have a problem, because I can just watch her and write procedures… written procedures are apparently an adequate substitute for a Bachelors’ degree in Information Technology! When I voiced concern that the computer tech might be billing us for work she hasn’t done (since I try to NEVER call her) I was told not to concern myself, and that the boss was sure that “the employees in the office steal more than the IT person does.”

So, how do I even speak to a self-righteous twit with no common sense who’s deluded herself into thinking she’s an accomplished businesswoman with a calling to greatness by Jesus himself without being punished by the same self-righteous twit, or being rewarded with a new set of job duties in addition to the ones that used to fill the 40 hours a week I no longer get?
I’m not in a financial position to leave right now.

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