Resolved Question: RHH: To regs that are on! or anyone!? (PLEASE I BEG YOU)?

rate these 2 raps! PLEASE ;]

1st rap (16)

My spit gives you more chills then you get onna cold day/
I spray more spit than you do with an AK/
I ain’t on that gangsta sh*t…but ima lyrical rampage/
I swings things like GZA did on some CDs/
continue to slice tracks as long as im breathing/
really?, now don’t step to me with some of that b*tch sh*t/
you can’t burn me sucka, i was born liquid/
but my bars are hot enough to melt cement that’s thickened/
when the mics equipped, there is no restrictions/
my sh*t fucks with the head like cocaine addictions/
you wanna stop now?, you got plenty decisions/
my punchlines hit harder than freeway collisions/
I got metaphoric bars for as long as I’m livin’/
my lyrics are more on point than a liquid sword that is swingin’/
they’re RZA sharper than the edges that were made for the bleedin’/
you’ll get burned more than eyes that are seasoned/
instrumental ^^^^^

2nd rap (16)

woke up in the morning bout 8 on the dot/
gotta get ready so I can head to the spot/
get ready Hip-Hop it’s time for some changes/
lemme eat n take a shower, cuz ima bit anxious/
hopped out the shower and jumped in my jeans/
slipped on some Socks, Nike’s, and a fresh white T/
time ta eat some breakfest that i never had/
head to taco bell, eat on the way to the lab/
the lab was a 90 dollar mic and some Loops that were Fruity/
i got different flavors like a well made smoothie/
anyways make a beat and write some dope lyrics/
somethin’ you can understand, english not hieroglyphics/
recording onna mic that didn’t have a stand/
usin whatever we could afford and everything we had/
man we have all summer to make uh dope demo/
killin’ dope tracks and makin’ money is our memo/
instrumental ^^^^^ (was reccomended by someone, it flowed nicely so it worked, but if you gotta better one tell me, i also try to sound more old school with this one)

what can i do better?
am i getting better?

BTW, i improved both of these 16’s

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