Resolved Question: question on past love (serious answers only please)(Christians, I need your help)?

I am 39 yrs. old and my x-husband and I were divorced about a year ago. We had been married for 19 years. I divorced him because of his addiction to vicoden and eventually cocaine, and his denial of his addiction. Well, his addiction made him very violent toward me, and this is the main reason I divorced him. Please keep in mind, before this addiction, he was an easy going guy, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Anyway, all that said, he went to rehab, is in church and trying to straighten his life back out. Well, he wanted me and the kids ot move back to Illinois so we could work this out. Soooo, we did. I’ve been here since Oct. 08. Well, he’s acting really funny. He’s extremely over sensitive, everything makes him “so called” sick now. I can’t say anything with my own opinion concerning anything he has said or came up with, without him getting angry. Also, he is very defensive. I’m not really sure what to do. I’m tired of this. He says I’m not showing enough emotion, but it’s hard to show love after all I’ve been through with him. I want to love him, but it’s very hard. I miss my old husband BEFORE any of this drug mess started. Good advice please….I don’t need any mean or sarcastic comments. I’m very serious!

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