Resolved Question: Prison need info from someone who has a good idea.?

My partner has been sentenced to 40 months,he had a cocaine habit and was offed the opportunity to sell it to feed his addiction.He got busted with 6 oz.He was given bail conditions to sign every day for 7 months which he did he also got clean voluntary and took weekly tests,we met just after he was busted and is a new person,i have 2 children from a prev partner,we moved in together and i am now 5month pregnant,I have a bad history of 2 still births and have to have c sections to have children,I could do with him to help me,my family and I are all non criminal and have given him the support he needed.He causes no trouble in prison,we were shocked after all he did,I agree he should be punished for his crime what he did was bad,will any of these circumstances affect his time and would they let him be at our baby’s birth ?

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