Resolved Question: Please help i have to do this for my Planning !?

A) Choose 3 drugs you know little about, research and answer the following:
I have to do this on :Cocaine, marijuana, weed PLEASE HELP :)

1. Name- Actual, scientific and street names (3max)
2. Where it comes from – how it’s made?
3. What it looks like – does it come in different forms?
4. Usage – how’s it used? (Smoked, inhaled, injected, etc)
5. it’s category of drug? (Hallucinogen, stimulant, narcotic, pain killer, inhalant, prescription)
6. Other similar drugs or often linked to its usage?
7. Addiction level and other related issues
8.Effects on the body and how it’s harmful?
Short term effects?
Long term effects?
-specifically, how it alters the brain

B) how do drugs impact our society as a whole? What is the BIG picture? Think of a recent gang related events in the Lower Mainland. What about policing costs? Health care? Welfare?

C) How does addiction affect families?

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