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1. Ethanol is the active principle in intoxicating drinks
A. True B. False
2. Fatigue is considered an impairment.
A. True B. False
3. Each year, over _______ collisions occur.
A. 3 million B. 6 million C. 10 million
4. When driving in fog or snow
A. Use your high beams B. Use your low beams C. Drive at the posted speed limit
5. Cannabis is
A. Marijuana B. Cocaine C. PCP
6. Getting cited for speeding more than 16 m.p.h. over the speed limit will result in ____ points on your license.
A. Two B. Three C. Four
7. Your driving record will never be available to the public
A. True B. False
8. Ethanol is
A. A mood altering drug B. Stimulant C. Narcotic
9. Getting a full nights sleep after you have been drinking guarantees that you can drive safely the next morning:
A. True B. False
10. When attempting to pass another car safely, you should always exceed the posted speed limit.
A. True B. False
11. If you miss your exit on the freeway, it is legal to stop and back-up.
A. Never. B. When the traffic is very light. C. As much as thirty yards.
12. You may lose your drivers license
A. When you turn 70 years old B. If you accumulate too many points on your driving record C. If you stop driving for more than 5 years
13. Addiction is
A. Compulsive B. Repulsive C. Voluntary
14. Your driving may be impaired by:
A. Emotions B. Alcohol and other drugs C. All of the above
15. What do the initials B.A.C. represent?
A. Basic Alcohol Consumption. B. Basic Alcohol Concentration C. Blood Alcohol Content
16. A parking brake system
A. is not required if your service brakes are fully functional B. must be able to hold your car on a hill or incline C. Both A & B
17. A flashing yellow light:
A. Should be treated just like a stop sign. B. Is only encountered on a highway. C. Warns you of potential danger
18. Many people view drug and alcohol abuse as a social problem
A. True B. False
19. Pedestrians can be legally at fault for causing a crash
A. If they irresponsibly force a car into an unsafe maneuver to avoid hitting them B. If they cross in the middle of the street C. All options
20. A collision at 30 MPH will take any loose object in your car and give it the same force as if it were:
A. Propelled by a slingshot B. Thrown C. Shot from a cannon
21. Your level of intoxication will be a lot higher if you have a bottle of beer rather than a glass of wine
A. True B. False
22. There are about ________ licensed drivers here in Florida
A. 170 million B. 200 million C. 14 million
23. Good survival strategy for driving includes
A. Knowing the rules B. Practicing defensive driving, which includes communications, skill, courtesy and cooperation C. All options
24. When it comes down to it, __________ causes most collisions
A. Faulty equipment and brake failure B. Unlicensed or uninsured drivers C. Selfish and/or aggressive drivers
25. Every time you are convicted of a moving violation it will appear on your driving record.
A. True B. False
26. Your license can be canceled if you:
A. Accumulate 12 or more points on your license B. Give incorrect information when applying for your license C. You reach age 75
27. You can maintain a proper following distance by using the three second rule.
A. True B. False
28. To be safe, you should reduce your speed at an intersection.
A. Always B. If there is a flashing yellow light, C. If there is a traffic light.
29. The best tool to extinguish a small gasoline or diesel fire is a portable fire extinguisher.
A. True B. False
30. You may still make a U-Turn where a “No Left Turn” sign is posted
A. True B. False
31. Bicyclists must obey the same rules and regulations as motorists, and can be cited for violations.
A. True B. False
32. If an over-the-counter drug might affect your ability to drive, it will:
A. Be very expensive B. Have a warning label on the package C. Not be available over-the-counter
33. If you start to skid, you should apply a quick pumping motion to your brakes if you have anti-lock brakes.
A. True B. False
34. When you drive through deep water, you should dry out your brakes by driving slowly in low gear and apply your brakes lightly.
A. True B. False
35. Impaired drivers will sometimes:
A. Drive very slow. B. Drive with the windows open. C. Both of the above
36. Which of the following is a narcotic
A. Marijuana B. Heroin C. Cocaine
37. If you lose your current license because you have moved to another state or country and obtained a new license, your old license has:
A. Canceled B. Suspended C. Revoked
38. For a fatal crash costs can soar to:
A. $500,000 B. $250,000 C. $50,000
39. If you are found guilty of speeding and causing a collision, you will receive _____ points on your license.
A. Four B. Six C. Eight or Twelve
40. On the freeway, you are required to have your signal on for ______ feet before changing lanes
A. 50 B. 100 C. 150

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