Resolved Question: okay so it goes like this,,(just listen please)?

so alot of the “cool kids” do drugs in my highschool(0o0ohh, shocker right?)

anyways, theres a group of the “popular girls” who are practically ruining their lives. They started smoking weed, and now are on bigger things, like crack/cocaine, herion, acid, shrooms, you know.

and everyone of them insists that they dont have problems, or addictions. and its really sad, because none of them have really reilized how much shhit they have gotten them selvs into. i mean, some of the girls have even gone to juvi, and rehab. but yet, THEY STILL HAVENT LEARNED THEIR LESSON.

they just go around, like their the greatest things, and the sad part is, their all prolly gonna die before they turn 25.

why do people do what they do? i mean, is there nothing else on this planet to do other than ruin their bodies and minds with drugs??? where are everyones morals? where the helll are everyones parents?

i just wish that these girls would reilize that they’re turning there lives into worthless nothings, you know?

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