Resolved Question: New drugs for me to try? Advice please!?

I don’t do drugs, but recently I’ve been contemplating on starting to use something. I’m unfamiliar with drugs, except for their names to be honest. I was thinking cocaine or heroin, I know speed and acid are an option too, although I heard acid and speed are dangerous.
I don’t want to be associated with a negative culture of “pot head” or a “club junkie” as an Ecstasy user, so I’m leaning more toward Heroin or Cocaine. Safety is my number one concern, I only want a new experience and perhaps try a new life style.

I think I am level headed and intelligent enough to be able to resist addiction or at very least be able to stop drug use if it negatively impacts my life.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m looking for a drug that will make me feel REALLY good.

Thanks for your input guys I appreciate it.
I live a very full and balanced life, I enjoy an occasional drink even though someone could consider it an addictive substance. I’ve never the effects of addiction, I understand that the withdrawal process is painful but I feel confident in the fact that I can control any of my urges.

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