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The use of tobacco from the teens in the US is way too towering. The NHIS 2003 National Center for Health Statistics says that in the US 43.3% of the people are smokers, 19.2% women and 24.1% men. Why are the numbers up so high? I say because the pressure on the young teens is incredibly high. When our teens are pressured to use drugs they usually do not consider about how it will influence their life in the future, they are concerned about what others would think of them. If I were pressured to use tobacco, I would think about how is it going to affect my body, how is this going to affect my life, how will it affect others around me, how will I feel? If everyone would think about these questions, we would have this crisis off our shoulders.
If we were to stop selling tobacco products, we would have less cancer, sickness, and health issues. Although we would be taking away money from the tobacco companies and from the doctors that treat the tobacco users but, we would put the danger down of losing lives. If we make all tobacco products against the law, then we have another drug we have to keep others away from like crack/cocaine, marijuana, inhalants, ecstasy, methamphetamine/meth, LSD, and heroin. We would have more drug dealers and lawbreakers if this were to happen. Although we would have less lives at risk.
The American Lung Association said; that almost 6,000 teens under the age of 18 start smoking, 2,000 of these become regular smokers. If we were to take away tobacco products we would have those high numbers gone. Would that be nice?
How do we get our teens out of the atmosphere of tobacco use? One, they should have a good environment at home, a place where there is time with family and parents that are in touch with their children’s lives. Two, they should have a safe environment at school too. If the teachers know what the children are going through with friends, there would be less difficulty there. Third, when our teens are just out with their friends, they should feel okay saying “no” to their friends when tempted to use tobacco products.
The health of our new generation is at risk too. With Second-Hand-Smoke, children are not even smoking and the smokers are killing them. We have to stop this. How? We can start helping more people who smoke by setting up more treatment centers to help those who want to live a smoke-free life. We need to stop this addiction to nicotine. All these people are dying because they made wrong choice when they were young. We can talk to teenagers more about how treacherous this is.
What if everyone had a goal in life, to never use or be around anyone who is using tobacco products? Our world would have one more thing off its list of troubles. I have a goal in life. It is to NEVER use or touch tobacco products. I will not even be around with people who use tobacco, that way I will never have to worry about Second-Hand Smoke, or being tempted to use tobacco. We need a change.

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