Resolved Question: My parents want my girlfriend to put our unborn baby up for adoption?

I’m 17 and my girlfriend Brooke is pregnant. She is currently in jail because i called the cops on her right before she was about to shoot up heroin. She has a scary drug addiction and told me she was using marijuana cocaine and heroin to calm her down and she told me she doesn’t feel attractive anymore. She is only a month pregnant and still beautiful she always will be to me. She was in rehab and swore she would never harm out baby with drugs and the baby will change her and get her clean. I took her word and let her leave rehab. Her parents refuse to post bail saying she needs to learn a lesson. I can’t pay for bail i don’t even have a job although I’m looking for one. My parents really like Brooke a lot and want to help her and hope she gets clean. However then want her to put our baby up for adoption saying it would be best for everyone. Brooke already told me she wouldn’t put our baby up for adoption. I don’t want to either i wanna intend on raising our baby and loving it. They might have a point though Brooke still has issues and maybe it isn’t the right time for us to have a baby. I love her so much and i always will should she put the baby up for adoption?
She flat out refused to have an abortion and i am adamantly against it as i don’t want to kill our baby.

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