Resolved Question: My husband and I are arguing about his drinking. After 15 years of normal marriage stuff, he started drinking?

My husband was addicted to cocaine when we first met. He got off of that and has been clean for 14 years. He has to take regular drug tests for his job before he became self employed these past two years. Now that he is self employed, he has started drinking almost every night. He says vulgur things around our grandchildren, like discussing dildo’s with his 32 year old daughter in front of them. My husband and I have an 11 year old daughter and it hasn’t affected her alot yet. I am concerned with my future. I was going to start nursing school in less than a month and, now, I am like in the valley of indecision about it. I am, of course, upset, that I even have to worry about this. Why can’t he just have a drink or two and not have to get stupidly drunk? The future that I was looking forward to is slowly going down the drain because he doesn’t think he has a problem, and personally, I don’t feel like smelling his breath every time he walks in the door. But I don’t want to be around some slobbering drunk the rest of my life. I’m 42, he’s 53, we’re both too young to be doing this stuff and emotionally I am burnt out just thinking about going through the 12 steps with him again. We are making great money and the business is thriving!! I watch his three grandchildren from his first marriage, one of their friends, and our daughter all week during the summer so I don’t have the energy to babysit and mother his addiction. My feelings are if he doesn’t want to admit it and play this game, I want the hell out now, before he takes us down with him.

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