Resolved Question: My girlfriend had an abortion without my knowledge?

I’m 17 and my girlfriend Brooke had an abortion today without my knowledge. We were arguing about an abortion she told me she wanted one because she is a drug addict and had been using marijuana cocaine and heroin during her pregnancy She told me she didn’t think she could be a good mother and that the drugs are too hard to fight off and that the baby was already damaged.I didn’t want her to get an abortion i know she can beat her addiction and think it was just excuse so she can use more. She is in rehab for the second time now. I let her out after she told me she was pregnant. And she quickly began using again despite swearing to never harm our baby with drugs. I am hurt and mad i thought our baby was a gift and i am saddened and angry. I love her but i am seriously considering breakingup with her. Did she make the right decision what should i do?
i miss our baby so much i know she can beat the drugs she is strong she just wants to take the easy route. I am so grief stricken.
she is the same age as me

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