Resolved Question: My cousin has a severe drug addiction problem and i have a question about it?

My cousin is 22 and currently living with his family. He is addicted to cocaine, and heroine. he has gone to multiple rehabs and also multiple detoxifications. He also goes to the meetings afterward. he truely wants to stop but can’t do it on his own. He continues to use after all of this. My aunt and uncle have been told that keeping a roof over his head while he uses is almost like allowing him to continue doing the drugs. They are soon going to be forced to kick him out on the street. He has to hit rock bottom before he can come back up. I am extremely worried since living on his own can result in good things or bad things. bad being an extreme like overdose. is that the right decision? they have tried everything
thanks alot ttc. it helps to know that someone that has experienced this situation responded

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