Resolved Question: My boyfriend and I are motivated to live together, but he has other “commitments” as well..?

So, my boyfriend is currently battling a cocaine addiction, and he is doing very well, and don’t get me wrong, when i think about his progress, i get welled up I’m so proud of him. His habit used to be spend his whole paycheck on coke. just.. straight up. He hasn’t bought in over 2 months (to my knowledge), but he did slip up once and use.
We’re trying to save up to move out and live together, because we really love each other, but he did once say during the peak of his addiction that it would never happen because he was going to spend all of his money on “copious amounts of cocaine.”
All of our friends are trying to quit the hard drug scene, and we’ve all slipped up a few times, but he is surrounded by support.
Is he going to pull through? I mostly really think he will, but sometimes i doubt it just a little.
Is that little voice of defeat justified?

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