Resolved Question: My best friend is addicted to cocaine, someone help me !?

My best friend is addicted to cocaine, and I want him to stop before something bad happens to him. My Best friend Benny has a savior addiction to cocaine, and it kills me everytime I see him do it. Now ever since he’s discovered cocaine its been like watching a train wreck. I cant stop him, even though he’s my best friend. I am afraid if I tell him to stop then we wont be friends anymore. He really has done so much for me that I can’t thank him enough for doing the things that he has done for me. He really is a true friend, and I am afraid that cocaine will ruin his life.

I have seen what cocaine can do to people, and I dont want Benny to end up in jail or even dead. Cocaine is more dependant then weed, antidepressants, and LSD. Please i am afraid for this guys life, i don’t want to lose him as my best friend, but I dont want him to fall deeper into addiction.

Please help me

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