Resolved Question: Legalization of narcotics/role of government?

Considering a common question: should narcotics, currently illegal, be made legal?

As I see it, there are three solutions to narcotics use. Either, prohibition of all narcotics (note: this would ban alcohol and tobacco as well), prohibition of none (all drugs legal), or a mixed approach, like we currently have, where some drugs are illegal (like heroin, cocaine, marijuana) are some are not (alcohol, tobacco, salvia).

I think the answer has to depend on how you view the role of government. Is it the government’s job to protect us from ourselves? Or should the government protect our rights, even if that includes the right to hurt ourselves?

So, what is (or should be) the role of government in our society? Should we be protected from ourselves? Should we not? How does that affect the solution to narcotics use? All prohibited? None? Some?

And, if you answer some, which drugs should be legal and which should not? Should the adverse health effects be the deciding factor in whether or not a substance is legal? Should the drug’s propensity to cause addiction? Which drugs would you make/keep illegal? Which would you legalize?

How does your view on the role of government affect your choice?

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