Resolved Question: Legalization of marijuana. Your opinion & How close to reality is it to you?

I personally favor towards the legalization of such, where it has the most medically benefited herb that’s able to grow nearly anywhere. Where it actually stimulates brain cells and does not cause neck/lung cancer but only if smoked from a wrap (blunt;joint) etc or cannabis alone. Not 1 case has a person died from over smoking it (Google it!). Where the addiction to coffee is a higher rate then the addiction to marijuana. Where it was once outlawed for the fact of brutality/inhuman behaviors but then re-outlawed for turning the person pacifist.

Yes, it is true that teens have been counted for the highest amount in addiction clinics then any other substances, this must mean its the addictive substance today right? yes, but what the DEA doesn’t tell you why its true. When a kid is caught possessed/smoking it with such, is offered in court there offered to go to a treatment center or a horrible penalty, but if he goes to treatment (obviously treatment) where he’s classified as a addict., the DEA gets the point to that stat and states “oh look at all these kids in treatment, this isn’t the same marijuana that your parents were smoking.

Only about 3-5% are there voluntarily the rest either sent by parent/court ruled.
Well its the “gate-way” drug right? When 1 out of 104 smokers have moved to cocaine and less then 1 uses heroine. When 50,000,000 Americans smoke it & Steve Jobs invented Apple smoking marijuana, Ted Turner devolped CNN smoking pot, and still smoked a joint everyday.

Well that’s just me, what about you?
Also! De-criminalize it!

Watch this movie posted on Megavideo

The Union, hard positive facts on of marijuana.!
And to ANTI-legalization perspectives.

please, you’ve seen remarkable feedback from people who WANT it, why not be specific with details against it? if we go through the time to say how we feel towards it, why do YOU people keep just stating “its bad thats the point nothing more to it” Be logical & detailed. thankyou.

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