Resolved Question: is the male sexual urge stronger than craving a drug?

men think about sex all the time and have a burning desire for it. is that desire stronger than the need to have a drug when addicted. perhaps not all.

is it stronger than cocaine.




think about it men can masterbate so they can relieve themselves if they did not they would commit crimes for it. just like drug addicts. in fact you could argue men are greedy to pay for sex in some form so they do terrible things everyday to get sex. is this the worst addiction.

can a man tell me which is worse. don’t forget you can relieve sexual desire yourself what if you couldn’t. also it never goes away every man carries this addiction their whole life. do women who exploit become as bad as pimps. when have you ever seen a women work a normal job with normal pay and hours to pay up for her husband to stay at home. i see it with men all the time they pay for women to do nothing for regular sex is that like exploiting a drug addiction.

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