Resolved Question: IS My poem good?? Be honest pls?

Okay I had to make a Health poem and I was wondering if this sounds good

Was it Worth it?

Illegal Drugs are not cheap
But it gives me such wonderful sleep
To know I finally fit in with the peeps

Cocaine was the main substance I tried
To get the cool crowd by my side
That addictive white powder
It stings for a minute
Then takes me full power

I do pot to make me a big-shot
So they can accept me as a mascot
Whether it’s smoking a blunt or rolling a joint
Doing this stuff is what I enjoy

My drug addiction seems like fiction
Because it’s such a painful affliction
Deep inside I feel like a slug
From doing all these drugs

Within each second I feel weak
Like an ancient antique
I am always in a desiring need
To continue this weed

Why can’t I stand up?
Instead of sinking in this hole
I’ve surrendered all my strength
And I let it take my soul

I am now developing the need for a drug
Whenever I am feeling like a bug
Because of psychological dependence my brain
Is telling me I need this drug
But in reality I don’t need a chug

As my body established tolerance.
I needed more and more of it to give me that same effect
Like a poisonous insect

I am now in a Drug Intervention
To quit this awful intersection
All of my hair is gone
And all of my drug use is withdrawn

I am experiencing painful symptoms
Because of what drugs do to its victims
Withdrawal is absolutely nothing to play with
So don’t take it as some stupid myth

Because of my addiction for drugs
I continued and returned to being a slug
Then suddenly the world goes blank
And I wonder
What have I yanked?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth making me look horrible
Just so people wouldn’t think of me as incorrigible
Was it worth losing my family?
Just so I can become insanity?

And most of all
Was it worth losing my life?
Just to be accepted

Well it apparently was worth it
Because I am now dead
Rotting in the soil’s bed

Okay that was my poem tell me wht u think and don’t be too harsh lol I am only 10 so yeah
To answer ur question Leah I NEVER did drugs in my life and the reason why I wrote this poem is because I had to write a poem abt drugs saying how bad they are

It was my homework

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