Resolved Question: Is it wrong for me to not want to help these people in my life with their problems.. read details please?

In Jan. of 2008 I was perhaps an hour away from dieing of an alcohol and klonopin overdose. I was hospitalized for a long time while trying to break my addictions. The withdrawal was awful. I was also using cocaine and percocet but not that specific night. Almost all of my “friends” knew that I was severely struggling with these addictions. My family also knew but we are not close at all. Nobody helped me or gave support, or even came to see me in the hospital. Now, over a year after I’ve been clean these same people come to me with their problems and expect me to help them. I feel bad about it but I really don’t have an interest in helping them. They were not there for me, I don’t feel as though I should be there for them. Am I in the wrong???

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