Resolved Question: is it absolutely ridiculous to fall for a guy who you know has a drug problem?

even if he tells you that he is trying to quit and sounds sincere when he says it.i met this guy through a friend of mine and right away we hit it off. hes very good looking and intelligent, he has a wonderful sense of humor , which i love. hes a single guy with no kids, lives alone, works, pays his bills and he even cooks for himself. lets just say that he has allot of qualities in a man that i have been looking for, for a long time. i haven’t met a guy that i would be interested in, in years. i myself am single with no kids and very independent. so i look for the same in the opposite sex. well i thought i found that in this guy until he tells me about his addiction to cocaine. he goes to classes for help and says that hes trying to quit. i just don’t know if im capable to go through this situation with him. am i stupid for thinking that i can help him with his problem, when i have never dealt with anything like this? should i just give up on him, even if there is a little something in my heart that tells me not to?

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