Resolved Question: I’m having some fears over my medications, and I need some understanding answers about valium?

This morning I saw a History channel show on the addictions of cocaine. They showed a monkey that was willing to separate him self from his family, and starve himself in order to continue having cocaine injected into him.

I’m not on cocaine, or any illegal drug.

I’ve been prescribed valium 40 mg for a while now. It has taken me out of my shell. I’m also prescribed dalmane 30 mg for sleep. They are both benzos. I know they are highly addictive. I also know that after a while they have awful with drawl symptoms.

My question is, am I an addict to valium? I suffer from agoraphobia, schiztoeffective disorder, and bipolar. I hear voices, and they make fun of me. With valium I’m able to cope with going outside, and I’m able to be brave enough to deal with the voices.

I’m seeing a new psychiatrist next week. I don’t know if he will continue me on my valium 40 mg. or not. It’s certainly a lot to ask for.

My question is…is it alright to use valium legally for a long period of time, if you are as bad as a case as I am? I’ve taken xanax, and it works in higher doses, klonopins works in higher doses, but I’m not crazy about it. Ativan helps in higher doses, but still valium is what works best for me.

My mom gives me my medication daily. Despite seeing this new psychiatrist next week, I have a full month of valium, plus two extra months of valium and dalmane to be filled after wards. This is in case he decides to not give me the medication I need.

Please give honest answers. I don’t need a lecture. Thank you

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