Resolved Question: I’m a cutter, how do I stop?? I hate cutting.?

I really do. But it is my addiction. I need it like druggies need Cocaine, or alcoholics need…alcohol. I have been suicidal and depressed for a long time. And I want to be free of it. I’m afraid if anyone finds out about my cutting, I will be in serious trouble, because my parents have no sympathy….for me.
I also drink sometimes. I’ll take a small glass of wine, or steal some beer, but only when I’m cutting, before I do, or after.
I’d explain why I was depressed, but I don’t want to bore you. So, anyways…I cut and I want tips on how to stop. Even though, I may not take them…I cure could use them .But as I said it’s my addiction, self injury. Ive also attempted suicide a few times before. And the poem that ran through my head every time I failed was “Next time, pull the trigger a little faster, tie the rope a little tighter, cut a little deeper. No one here will miss you, so no worries”. I do see a therapist and I don’t think it’s helping me, I’ve actually been more depressed since I started going to them. Maybe I just need to give it more time?
I have tried to drown myself and I have tried to hang myself. Just help me please?
And if you want to leave comments that are criticizing me, go ahead. I have two things to say to you that do:
1: It only drives me farther into depression and over the edge
2: I’ve heard it all before.
None of it would be new so you’d be wasting your time. Please, just help me. I’m probably not going to take the advice, but at least I’ll have it for when I want it. Thank you, it really means a lot.

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