Resolved Question: I think my boyfriend has addiction problems? What do you think?

I’ve been living with my boyfriend for about 4 months now. I think he has a lot of addiction issues. Hes 26 now, but when he was 17 until a few years ago he use to be addicted to cocaine and ecstasy. A few years ago (before I met him) he quit using.

Im now thinking hes a self medicates and an alcoholic. He doesn’t drink everyday but he needs to have at least ONE night sometimes more a week, that he needs to get super drunk. He will drink as much as he can and go to the bar and bring some of his own vodka in his pocket to add to his drinks at the bar. He can never just go out and have a few drinks with friends, he cant just have a few he will get as drunk as he can get. The worst part is he then will drive home while being this drunk and many times will make his self throw up when he gets home.

He also is on a few prescription medications (ativan) for anxiety. He will not go anywhere without having these pills in his pocket. He carries them around everywhere and as soon as he feels a tad anxious he will take one. He also smokes cigarettes and weed. Its like he always needs to be doing some sort of drug.

I feel like he never really got over his addictions and just replaced them. What do you think?

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